Monday, July 13, 2009

Cancer Cards

For my final fundamental graphic design assignment, I am supposed to create a series of postcards under one theme, and I went with "Smoking Sucks" . EHHEHE.

Here they are :

"It's Killing You"

Done with drawing pens and red paint

If anyone's guessing what's stabbing through his right man-tit, it's an over-sized cigarette. I'm sorry if it's too offensive, this includes the beer belly and the pubes.


Done with colour pencils, drawing pens, and gray paint for the smoky background

And no, the running red things aren't testicles. Sure smoking can lead to infertility, but those are really lungs.

"Your Time Is Running Out, Smoke It Down Faster"

Done with drawing pens, colour pencils, and some red paint for the blood in the hourglass, splats and the red smoke

The hourglass represents the human body, that's why it's leaking out blood. Or maybe I just did that 'cause an hourglass running on blood is f-in awesome.

"Smoke Bomb"

Done with drawing pens and poster colours.

This is my lecturer's personal favourite 'cause she thought this is different from my usual style of drawing, with the cartoony approach and modern, bright colours. Or at least that's what she said. Thanks Ms. Bridget :)

I hope these aren't too offensive to all of you, my smoking friends. Ehehehe. Not that I've anything against you smokers, it's just that most of my ideas pretty much revolved around the theme above.

Ciaooo :)

Friday, July 3, 2009


Will be hitting soft cotton real, real soon ;) . If you think you like what you see, better act fast cause they're as limited as McD's old Samurai Burger :D

Monday, June 15, 2009

Zombies Don't Run Cause They Ain't Got No Comfy Flip Flops

One of my college assignment asked me to design a pair of flip flops, which emphasized more on the soles rather than the overall design, but what the heck, here what I came up with, and as predicted, it's zombie-inspired :) :

Without the straps :

WITH the straps :

The sole :

The top was painted with Buncho poster colours, and soon sprayed with clear spray

The straps were made up with pink Play Doh and was wrapped around a wire frame. The little eyeballs were bought from an art shop in One Utama. Sprayed with clear spray to give it shine and further harden the Play Doh.

The sole is made up of bunch of folded green manila cards on a pink sticker paper.

The initial idea was to stick a little fake brain I found at the 5 ringgit japanese shop located at the top floor of The Curve, for an extra padding but the deadline did not allow. Oh well

On one fine sunny day, this baby MIGHT just actually be wearable >:D . Anyone who wants one must click-spam on the ads on my blog for I can gain money to start making em' ! . EHEHEHHE jaykay jaykay lowl.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


For Mother's day, I did a little somethin' somethin' . Since she likes Hatchlings (an app on facebook which the purpose is to collect pretty eggs) , I decided to make these :

Her own very personal collection of Hatchlings,
An egg-y replica of our family, :)


Hard paper cut and coloured black for the moustache, beard and glasses
And I sliced the top of a shuttlecock for the "
Kopiah" .
Drew the eyes and mouth using a permanent marker


Done the glasses with a cut hard paper, which later coloured brown,
Stuffed the egg in a sock, which then the excess is cut for the


The eyes, mouth, eyebrows, hair all drawn by a permanent marker.

Lil' Sister

Pretty much done the same way as above, only with a red marker for the lips and the signature
Siti Nurhaliza's mole.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sprinkle On Some Sugar

Oh yeah, this is the first ever debut of the kreamy, killer kupcake, (Yes, I know there were red squiggly lines under those words when I was writing this) ...

Sprinkles :)

Sprinkles's First

Done with Pentell's fabric crayons on a cotton long-sleeved shirt.

This was done last year for my sister's birthday. Bought her an RM 5 bright orange beret for her last, last year's birthday. Well, she did wear this one out the tomorrow itself, to prove that it is appreciated. Unlike the rm5 orange beret which I bought for her last, last birthday which she never ever put on. EVER.

Sprinkles graced another shirt tho, but it wasn't done by me, and I haven't even seen it yet.
Can't wait to see Iman's version of it :D . And I'll be waiting for your M-16 dueling grizzly too ! :D

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blow The Candle Charlieeeeee

I make birthday cards too !

This one's for my favourite cousin, Bahnan (y) :

Since he loves Charlie The Unicorn, and a strange fascination towards the very disturbing green creature :

The dude and the most annoying bananas in the world

Thus, I decided to make a card that looked like, THIS ! :

Put a Bahnan-na in you earr !

Done with colour pencils on paper

Well, added a lil' bloody personal touch, if this version were the ones
that met Charlie, let's just say he'll be losing more vital parts, like how he lost his kidney

I made another one too, for my lovely little niece, Sophie's first ever birthday :


Done with colour pencils on paper too.

If I were to include monsters and gore, she'd be cryin' all day even when the A&W bear comes
(She held her party at A&W) .
Or at least made her cry louder.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Here's the album cover I designed for Maleena :



Maleena Album Art (Front and Back)

Done with Adobe Illustrator

As predicted, my original idea was to let the ones that pukes and receives the pink and yellow rainbow were monsters. Hah. But then Zul gave the idea of stick persons instead :)

Check them out at :

If you're a fan of Estrella, Yuna and other talented local female acts, you guys should really give them a listen :) .

Awesome, awesome stuff (y)

Imran, Maleena, and Zul promoting the CD's (and my work too he-he)



Monday, April 13, 2009

Sprinkly Wrinkly Pink Things

One DTP (Desktop Publishing) assignment, asked us to make our own character using whatever we've learned on using Adobe Illustrator. Although equipped with only the basics, but what the heck, you still can do LOADSZZSZ-of things with them basics. What nifty thingymajiggy the AI is, here's my character :

Introducing Sprinkles The Killer Kupcake,

From this:

To this :

With the background :

"Sprinkles The Killer Kupcake"

The first picture's done with pencil, and two and three, both are made with Adobe Illustrator

So, here's a summary on sweet lil's sprinkly Sprinkles :

Sprinkles, was once a very scrumptious looking cupcake. With his candy pink icing, rainbow coloured sprinkles scattered on top, and the red-blood cherry cutely resting on his head, he thought he would go off the shelf the moment he came out fresh from the oven.

Time passed on by, he saw everything around him, all the cupcakes, the cakes, the pastries, the creme brulee's, everything, being bought to all the sweet-toothed customers. But he didn't fret, he felt happy for his friends, he knew his time, to be gobbled up, and spread his super sweetness will come.

He waited, and waited, til' one day, the day, everything that rests on shelves fear,


finally dawned on him. He, no, longer, was edible. He couldn't get it, he knew he looked delicious, but why in the world, noone wanted to eat him up. The only way he could stay sweet, is to resolve to the ever comforting caress of Mother Vengeance. Yes, the only thing sweeter than a cake, is to SPLOP(!) the cake hard, on a face that had done bad things to you, and that thing is called, sweet, sweeet revenge.

He rose, like a zombie, with one thing in mind, now that people can't eat him no more, he's out to eat people.

Oh, sweet logic.

And no, the assignment did not ask to make up a story for the character, but for randomness's sake, oh what the hekk :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thinning Things To Tins

Here's a short update.

"Anna Roxia"

Done with charcoal

Zombies go to proms too !

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Suck The Luck Out Of Chuck.

Here are some of the random sketches I've made at college :) :


Drawn with a ball-pen.

Ignore the half-erased cookie. Take that as a sneak peak of the work I've yet to post here ;)

"Haii Thehrr Pghitii"

Made with charcoal.

The Flirter, soon to be implemented in Left 4 Dead. Like the Smoker, only he'll pull you in with his rotting sweet pick-up lines.


Made with charcoal

Perfect to counter-attack the goosebumps that "I love you" usually sends off, out of either abusing it with cheesiness, or maybe just plainly the magic of em with the disturbing image of the crossdresser who thinks he's Wilma from Flinstones.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Earthy Worthy Filth

Last Saturday, I went to this KL Design Week at CapSquare. It was the first time I've been there, and I've to say it made quite an impression. The place looks awesome, architectural wise, and the vibe's awesome too. But it scores more points on the outdoors section, like The Curve.

As for the KL Design Week thing, there were loadsa creative works, and innovative ideas. Like, the Wall, which is based on the idea of creating custom stickers for your wall. Oh and the free green-coloured drink, which I think was Jasmine tea, tasted nice (y) . Before it's starting to sound a little too random for an art blog. Lemme cut to the chase :

There was this one wooden wall, where everyone is allowed to doodle on. My left hand was itching the moment I saw it. Made itchier when Eddy said "Mesti kau nak lukis kan ?" . Eventually I did :

"Get used to the dark like us"
Done with two markers, with one almost running out of ink but was awesome for shading

The theme was earth hour, I'm not sure if my drawing would convince anyone to close their lights off, in fear of seeing that face the moment they turn the lights on back again. Oh and the name of the dude's Marcus :D

I was approached by one of the staff of the event, asking me this and that, and finally came to a point that they'll contact me if there's any upcoming events and will ask me if I'd like to send any designs to be displayed. HEEEEEEE, uhm, yeah, that's a good a start ain't it :)

And check this out :

Introducing Bonyuri Band, or was it Bonjuri Band from Japan, have mercy on mee. But I think they're cool, never thought I could really see those earth-peace-loving hippies (with all the scruffy, earthy get-up) right before my eyes, other than on the TV, and they came equipped with a cute looking tent, with all the neat looking knick-knacks. Kinda regret the fact that I didn't buy anything :/

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tapped And Trapped Rat.

One college assignment asked me to design a wall partition. My initial idea was to make a plain wall, with a vintage wallpaper, and has monster claws coming out from it. But, the lecturer warned me to add variety to my series of works, since the previous ones were monster oriented too. Thus, comes forth the design below :




The hand was done with a bunch of rolled up newspapers and
paper mache'd by loads of loo roll (said with Neil Buchanan's accent)

The prison cell was done with a cardboard box, later sprayed with a silver spray paint and red Buncho poster colour for the random, bloody writings

I know it looks more like a prop for a haunted house set, rather than a wall partition. But what the heck, you'll be seeing this in my house in 2024. To those who thinks it still looks monster-ish, well it just ain't, that's a human arm reaching out ya hearr.

BTWWW, the thingy was inspired by this particular piece by the legendary Neckface :

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bloated Boat Would Float Then It Explodes.

Charcoals are a dandy lot, like a pencil it strokes, but UMPH-er do they look.
These are some of the random sketches I've made with the black sticks quite recently :

Still a child at heart, or without one
I know you wanna say it's awdoh-rable, if you close one eye on the bruises and the bloated belly.

Get Well Soon Cek Mek
Did this for Mek Seksi when her eyes were sepet 8D

An advanced get well soon card for Mek, altho it doesn't look like it encourages healing.

Steph Likes To Step On Spikes

Just recently I spilled something over a pair of Vans (it's standardized ain't it ? , a pair of slip on's to be called, a Vans ?) , or Pallas for a college mate of mine,Pdil

And it looks a little something like this =

The Green Thing
Done by acrylic
Oh and btw, the sloppy blood flow was done on purpose

The shoes that I've done so far =

Done by acrylic
Did this for as a present for my friend Tira, and she lovessss Ben-10 (and XLR8 particularly)

Done by fabric crayons and fabric markers
This one is my first ever spillage on shoes, and this pair was a present to my friend, Hani (the front portion of the left side, that was Faye's work :) )

The Brown Thing
Done by fabric crayons and outlined a little by a black fabric marker
My first ever custom shoes, for myself. Ha-ah, kinda looks like the green thing I know, except it's brown and it's missing a nose. Haha.